SS Lingo

boon – the made

wake – the unmade

post – union of made and unmade

comments – unmaking of the union

page – great river leads to ocean

line – divides boon from wake

gap – divides post from post

stitch – unseen connection

full post – boon and wake

wakeless post – boon alone

sleeping post – wakeless boon awaits awakening

awakened post – boon wakes boon across gap

high post – the post at the top of the page

low post – the post at the bottom of the page

down stitch – high flowing to low

up stitch – low flowing to high

2stack – union of two awakened boons

4stack – union of four awakened boons

boon totem – page of all boons

full totem – page of all full posts

ball totem – page of all circles

passing the ball – flow crosses gap

holding the ball – flow is halted

flow – what the page does

monk – web surfer devoted to flow

cloak – ceremonial username

multi-cloak – one monk wearing many cloaks

shared cloak – one cloak worn by many monks

namesake post – post honoring monk’s own cloak

prop post – post honoring another monk’s cloak

represent – post depicting the monk

SS – Spirit Surfers

guest / 03-02-11